Mostly, it’s in their minds. “If they don’t believe, we’re going nowhere,” Aguirre said, while midfielder José Recio said some players had “birdies within the heads.” that’s where Aguirre is an expert. If the stress increased dramatically – “they’re working like animals” – so did the attempts to create them up. One on one conversations began from the start; group psychotherapy went with it. “I see confidence that wasn’t there before,” he said. “When you’re bottom, you’ve only got five points, you lose faith in yourself. you begin to think: ‘I’m worthless’, ‘another defeat’. Players doubt themselves, teammates, everything.

That’s normal, understandable. I haven’t got a magic wand. All I did was attempt to make them see that they might compete. Look within the mirror, check out what you’re doing in training, how can it’s that you simply don’t dare to undertake a 40m pass, or a dribble, or come for a cross? What I see now’s a team that’s strong, that dares.”

In his first game, that team drew 1-1 with Real Sociedad. Next, they were unlucky to lose 2-1 to Barcelona, having taken a 1-0 lead. then one goal beat them in Sevilla. which may have sunk them, but something had shifted. “We’ve competed in every game, even once we lost,” Aguirre insists. They went 3-0 up against Celta and although the Galicians came back to 3-2 – “I was shitting myself,” he said – they persisted. At Alavés, the plan was to travel in 0-0 at half-time, “but those bastards didn’t hear me,” and instead they led 1-0. It took an 81st-minute goal with quite a touch of handball to deny them victory. And now a 2-0 win that puts them three points before Espanyol, whose manager probably won’t make it through Christmas. Defeated within the game, Machín might be gone within the week. agen sbobet terbaik indonesia

Leganés are still not out of the relegation zone, but safety is merely two points off, while catching Eibar, Alavés and Valladolid suddenly seems possible, hope appearing where there was none. Valladolid are up next after Christmas and Butarque felt different on Sunday, players departing on holiday happy. “We know that this won’t happen immediately but the key’s we feel capable of getting out now,” Pérez said. “The attitude has changed. in fact we will believe,” Rodrigues said. together player left the bottom, three generations of the family heading home together, and someone noted how things have change, he smiled: “he’s an honest manager.”

“We’re still within the relegation zone, still an extended way off; we ain’t done nothing yet, nothing. I’ve just checked out the table and parp.” Aguirre said. “That’s the truth and that we need to keep behaving sort of a team at rock bottom. But this is often a time to be with their families and that they can go happy. The team believes in what it’s doing, there are reasons to enjoy Christmas. Valladolid are just round the corner but I’ve tightened the screw on them, in order that they deserve to not see me for 3 or four days, then does one.”